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you don't realize the importance of owning a centrally monitored security alarm here are a few facts as well as advantages to choosing YATES ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS

  • In the United States a burglary occurs every 15.4 seconds

  • Property crime makes up a little more than 75% of all reported crime in the U.S.

  • Homes without security alarms are 3x more likely to be broken into than protected homes

  • Businesses without security alarms are 4.5x more likely to be broken into than protected businesses

  • The majority of burglaries are committed between 6a.m. and 6p.m.

  • A centrally monitored security alarm can save up to 20% on home owners insurance

  • Having a security alarm adds value to your home

  • Some companies can charge as much as $45 or more for central monitoring

  • Major security companies lock you into 3+ year contracts and may increase central monitoring fees

  • Early termination of your central monitoring contract can cost as much as $1,600!


  • Prices affordable on most budgets

  • No rate increases or additional monthly charges for CCTV

  • Custom designed systems to fit clients' needs

  • Speedy professional installation

  • You will not be locked into a long-term contract

  • One year warranty on all of our services

  • Unmatched customer service and personal training

  • Family owned and operated


There are numerous advantages to having a Point of Sale system instead of just a plain, old-fashioned cash register.  POS systems are designed to simplify and streamline many areas of your business operation to incease profits and efficiency while saving you time and money.  Here are a few areas where a Point of Sale system can help your business:


  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT - POS systems allow you to easily keep track of your inventory, create future purchase orders and prevent over ordering.  This will cut down on waste, help spend less money and identiy any employee theft.

  • POINT OF SALE - A computerized POS system creates a faster check-out, decreasing customer wait times and increasing employee effficiency.  You can customize your Point of Sale system to prompt employees to upsell items like drinks and sides, increasing profit margins.  You also have the ability to advertise your specials on a customer display encouraging greater purchases.

  • CUSTOMER TRACKING - With the right POS system, you can personalize your customers' experience. You have the ability to store customer information like names, birthdays and past orders.  Using this information you can make your guests feel special and important, encouraging  them to return to your establishment.  You can also create Customer Incentive Plans to give discounts or gift cards after a certain number of purchases, again increasing customer loyalty.

  • REPORTING - At the click of a button, a Point of Sale system will give you up-to-the-minute reports on profit margin, sales, guest volume, voids or anything else that is important to you as a business owner.  This important feature will save you countless hours of valuable time going through paperwork and allows more time to focus on other areas.

  • EMPLOYEE TRAINING - POS systems are extremely user-friendly saving hours on training new employees and greatly reducing employee error which can save countless dollars in the long run.

  • GROWTH - One of the most important features of a computerized Point of Sale system is that as your business grows, the system will grow with you.  You have the ability for table-side ordering and payment, online ordering and even monitoring multiple stores from a central location or smart phone.  New technology is always on the horizon, so the growth possibilities are endless!