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is to provide state-of-the-art electronic systems at rates affordable on even the tightest budget.  At YES we understand the importance of having peace of mind knowing that no matter where you are, your family and investment will be safe.  We are committed to providing our clients with fast, reliable service and offering the best deals we can.


the safety and security that comes from having a centrally monitored home security system should be available to everyone, regardless if you own or rent your home.  We offer security packages and speedy installations customized to fit our clients' needs for any size home or apartment. Additionally, we understand how expensive starting a business can be.  It is our belief that every new business owner should be able to have the best electronic systems for managing and protecting thier investment and profits.  Whether the need is a fast and reliable Point-of-Sale system, a surviellance system capable of mobile viewing from a PC or smartphone, or data networking for internet access and fast communications for multiple computers, it is our goal to offer the best possible solutions without breaking the bank.

Yates Electronic Systems has been in business for over 20 years.  We are family owned and operated;  a father and son team dedicated to providing turn-key solutions for our clients' electronic system needs.  We handle all aspects of our client experience from initial face-to-face meeting and project layout to installation and end user support.  In doing this, we not only offer rates below our major competitors, but we are also able personlize our service and build a lasting rapport with our clients.